Getting Started

Learn to publish your first live changelog and release notes

1. Create an account

From the LiveChangelog homepage, click "Sign-up".

Register using your work email address and choose a secure password.

You will receive an email in order to confirm your account.


2. Setup the Jira integration (Optional)

Log into your Jira Organization and install the LiveChangelog addon for Jira.

Follow the post-installation steps to link your Jira account to your LiveChangelog account.

Jira Marketplace

3. Create your first project

In the top menu bar, click "New Project".

Projects help you organize release notes for each product that you manage.

4. Add a new release to the project

In the top menu bar, click "New Release".

If you have unreleased changes, you can choose to include them in the new release you are creating.

5. Share your project public link

From your project page, click "Share public link". This generates a link to your public project page.

By default this link is private and is not indexed by search engines.

You can either keep this link private, and share it with relevant colleagues and clients, or publish it on your company website.

See How can I share my product release notes ? in order to learn the different ways of sharing your product changelog.

Public page

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