Sharing a release note in Slack

Release notes published on LiveChangelog can be easily shared in Slack. Learn how to use the Slack application.

1. Install the LiveChangelog Slack App

Install the Livechangelog Slack App to the workspace where you'd like to share your release note using the Slack Button below.

The app requires the following permissions :

  • Confirm your identity
    • This is required to install the app. No personal information is transmitted whatsoever.
  • View and attach previews for some URLs in messages
    • This is required so that we can attach rich previews of the release notes, when you share a link in slack.
Livechangelog slack app
Add to Slack

3. Copy the public link of your published release note

Once you have published a release note, copy the link from your public changelog using the link icon.

copy the public url

4. Post the link to the release in Slack

If you have successfully followed the previous steps, a rich preview will be attached when you paste links to release notes in Slack.

Keeping your team updated on your latest developments has never been so easy !

Paste link in slack

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