How can I share my product release notes ?

Find out how to share and promote your product release notes.

1. Write and publish your release note

You have spent countless hours interviewing clients, refining your product specifications, eliminating the last bugs, and your shiny new product update is finally out of the door, congratulations !

There's only one last thing to do : tell the whole world about it (or just your company).

Follow the Getting Started guide in order to publish your first release note for your project.

In addition to the list of changes, take the time to explain the benefits that your release brings to your customers.

Don't hesitate to add pictures, charts and diagrams. Remember, one picture is worth a thousand words !

2. (Optional) Restrict your public page to users of a domain

Don't want your competitors spying on your super-confidential project ?

In your Project Settings, you have the option to restrict the visibility to users having an email address belonging to a specific domain.

Users will have to authenticate and verify their email address in order to access your changelog.

Don't worry, that's only one click if you are using Google Apps !

Restrict to a domain

3. Get your product changelog page URL

By default, product changelog pages use secure, random URLs. They are also not indexed by search engine robots.

If you'd like to get a fancy url, just Contact us to tell us the one you'd like !

4. Share your changelog web page

Put a link on your public website if your changelog is meant to be seen by the world.

Even better, post your release sharing link in your company Slack channel, and a beautiful preview will be added to your message !

Sharing a product release on Slack

We're to help !

Learn how to build amazing release notes using our resources in the Help Center.